Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hello...anyone out there?

I know right....its been over a year. Things have been insanely busy needless to say. I miss my blog and really want to get back to it.
I have some very exciting news on the crafting front. I won't keep you in suspense so I will just spill it now.
I'm getting my craft room!
Not just a corner or a closet and entire craft room. Can you hear the angles sing?! I'm beyond excited.
Of course this is going to take some time to get in order, lots of moving around, but all in all its going to be good for everyone. I'll be posting pictures of the progress.
On a separate note, some of you may have noticed I'm no longer a SU! demo, just couldn't do it anymore. Love the products still and love to create, so you will still see SU! here and much more.


Anonymous said...

I'm here Jenn! I have really missed coming to your blog to see your amazing creations. I'm so excited for your new craft room. I can't wait to see it, if you show us pictures. Thanks for stopping my by my blog today!

Sara Morgan said...

I still check your blog regularly too, just to see if you posted anything. That's so exciting about your craft room. Hope you enjoy designing and getting it all set up! Miss you, friend!