Monday, December 1, 2008

I've been tagged!!!!

I've been tagged! one of my favorite bloggers....Jackie. Definitely go over and check Jackie's blog out, she has such awesome ideas and very creative. Thanks Jackie! So here's how it works. Share your 4th picture that is in your 4th picture folder and tell about it, then tag 4 more friends.This picture is of my niece and two nephews. My oldest nephew had just graduated from Texas A&M with his BS in Civil Engineering. Can you believe just a year later he's graduating with his Masters in it too?! Such a smart guy...they are all very smart. My niece is also a graduate of TAMU.

So now on to the four that I will tag.....

I want to tag someone I've never tagged before....

Christie Daugherty

Stamp with Linz

Jeannie Laird

Aly Schillings

and as usual check out, Jennie's, Lacey's, and Emily's blogs.

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