Friday, June 13, 2008

Bed, Bath and Freakin' Beyond! many of you know I'm big on customer service. I will find a manager and praise someone if they are doing a good job, but I will also complain and boycott if the CS is bad. Well let me tell you about the FABULOUS experience I had a Bed, Bath and Beyond today! I needed to get a wedding gift and was searching for the items. A sales associate approached almost immediately and asked if I needed help, very friendly too! I did indeed need help locating an item and they were more than happy to help. Then checking out I realized that I forgot one of the 30 or so coupons I have. Side note here, for anyone of you who did not know, the College Station BBB will except multiple coupons during a single purchase and will also except competitors as well. Anyway, they proceeded to tell me to come back at my convenience with my coupons and they would give me the discount from my receipt. She wrapped the gift up with out me asking and did a nice job to boot. I have found that anytime I go in Bed, Bath and Beyond there is an abundance of friendly associates. This is not a common occurrence at most stores I patronize. Way to go Bed, Bath and Beyond! You haven't forgotten who's important...the customer.


MommaJen said...

awesome! I'm right there with you gal - I believe in customer service too!

Ladybuggin' said...

You know I am the same way! You remember my experience with Sew Vac City. I have always had great customer service at Bed Bath and Beyond. Sometimes too good.