Thursday, June 26, 2008

Still waiting....

Yes, I'm still waiting on my camera. I called Best Buy today and they did tell me that it is being repaired and should be ready, are you sitting down....NEXT WEEK! Argh! Okay, this is my fault, but man its seems to be taking forever. So I guess I will borrow my mother-in-laws camera again, if she'll let me. This time I need it to take pictures of my very first Stamp Camp. I'm super excited and a little tired. This week at work has been particularly busy. So with cleaning the house, work, prepping for SC and just trying to spend time with my fam, I'm exhausted. Stamp Camp should be easy though, once everyone gets here, I just sit back and hand out door prizes while everyone creates. I'll post the projects we made after its all over(don't want to give away the surprise to those who read this and are attending).

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