Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Cards, Camera and Customer Service

For starters I'm diligently making cards to post as soon as my camera is back. Which by the way, my camera should be ready next week. It just all depends on if they can fix it. If they can not fix it, I get a new camera. And now on to customer service. I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, here's a side not...My original post was titled Bed, Bath and Freakin' Beyond, for those of you who didn't watch Sex and the City (show, not movie) this was from it. Long explanation and I won't go into it now. Anyway, as promised they refunded me the discount when I presented the 4 coupons, big savings. Gotta love BBB! Also, at Best Busy they were super friendly and very helpful. Two great places to shop.

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MommaJen said...

my cousin calls it Triple B - love that store!