Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here are some pictures of the nursery. Since we don't know what we are having....its yellow and blue. Most of the stuff is from when my daughter was a baby (we didn't find out the first time either). I love the Decor Elements...they just make the space. Especially when you have a lot of walls and not sure what to do with them. The Bashful Blue looks great on the pale yellow walls. And of course, super easy to hang. Now, I just need to sort through all the packed away clothes and get all the little things put away now that I have the changing table/dresser. The original one was built in and of course that stayed when we moved.

Check out the tiny diapers. I don't remember them being that small.

This is above the changing table/dresser.


Ladybug Fanatic said...

Awesome! I love the way the decor elements turned out. Can't wait to meet the new little baby G!

MommaJen said...

very sweet! what a lucky little one who will have this room!

Emily said...

Looks awesome! Can't wait to see little G, and I'm especially excited about the make and takes, because I'm just guessing we'll get to see little G then too!