Sunday, June 28, 2009

Trip to Louisiana

This weekend the family made a road trip to Louisiana. As I've mentioned before my mom is from South Louisiana and so we went for a visit. This was B's first road trip and S's second trip to Louisiana. First I want to say I am so proud of my girls, they were awesome. Of course I didn't expect B to not cry, but she didn't and S was so great. It takes about 5 1/2 hours to get there with out the 5 or 6 stops that are required with children. For us the trip there was about 7 and the trip back was only 6 (fewer stops, a couple of people were sleeping :).

We had a wonderful time. Saturday we were able to stop off at Avery Island and go to the Tabasco Country Store to do some shopping, visit my grandparents', great-grandparents', great aunt's and brother's graves (this is a very important part of every trip me make), hang out with my cousins and eat, eat, eat. Today we had breakfast at this great restaurant called Cafe Des Amis....delicious, its in Breaux Bridge....great town. If you can go on a Saturday there is a live band that plays Zydeco music, loud but fun. gal S either won't smile or look directly at the camera, but you can count on a goofy face. Oh, and B was sleeping during most of the pictures, that's why she's not seen here.


MommaJen said...

fun times! love that last pic - that looks like one my kids would do!!!

Emily said...

Glad everything worked out well! Looks like you had lots of fun.